Removing A Tree From Your Yard? 3 Ways to Save Money and Your Valued Timber

If you have a tree that is dangerously close to your home, the first thing you probably want to do is call a tree removal service to cut it down. But sometimes, the removal process can be expensive. However, there are ways to mitigate the costs. For instance, you could use the timber yourself, or you could sell it to the removal company. You could even save money by only having the tree partially removed. So before you contact a removal service, here are three things you may want to know about the value of your property's timber and how to save money.

1. Save Money By Keeping Your Timber

The timber that you have on your property can be a valuable resource. When you contact a tree service, they may charge you to haul the timber away. Why not keep the felled tree instead? If you like to do woodworking projects, this can be a good resource. It can also be good for things like fire wood and landscaping materials, or even a gardening compost. You may want to consider keeping your timber to use yourself and save on the cost of having the tree service haul it off.

2. Get a Discount if You Have A Large Timber-Filled Property

If you have a lot of timber on your property, some companies may pay you to use the wood for construction purposes. Even if the tree service does not pay you for the timber, they may give you a discount if you let them keep and sell the timber on your land.

3. Try A Partial Removal To Save Your Money

There are times when a tree has reached the end of its life and needs to be removed, but some trees may just need a little maintenance to remove the danger. You can have an arborist of a professional tree service assess the health of your trees and ask them if it is possible to have your tree pruned or just have the top cut. Sometimes, this can be a good solution that will allow you to keep timber that is valuable to your property; plus, you'll save some money since a partial removal won't be as expensive or as labor intensive.

These are some of the things that you may want to know before you contact a tree service. At, you can find more information about your timber's value and the removal process.