Be Sure To Include These Often-Skipped Tasks On Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you like starting the spring with a freshly cleaned home, you're not alone. Spring cleaning turns your space into a fresh, airy abode that matches the soothing, rejuvenating spirit of the season. If you're like most people, you spend a lot of time vacuuming, dusting, cleaning out the fridge and tackling other large areas during spring cleaning. However, you might miss the nooks and crannies where the dust, mold spores, and pet dander love to accumulate. For a truly thorough spring cleaning, don't skip these tasks.

Carpet Shampooing

Sure, your carpet may not look dirty, but that does not mean you should just vacuum like usual and then move on. Experts recommend having your carpet cleaned once a year, even if it looks clean. Dust and dirt deep in the carpet fibers can increase friction between the fibers, causing your carpet to wear out sooner, not to mention adding unpleasant odors to your home. Including carpet shampooing in your spring cleaning routine extends the life of your carpets. For more information, contact Logan Carpet Cleaning Inc. or a similar company.

Cleaning Upholstery

When was the last time you cleaned your sofa or upholstered chair? If your answer is "never," you're not alone. These items rarely get cleaned, but they can accumulate mold spores and dust just like a carpet. Purchase a commercial upholstery cleaner, and follow the instructions on the bottle to give your furniture a one-over. Most are easy to use. You spray them on, let them sit, and then blot them up again.

Cleaning Your Drains

Many people don't think about cleaning their drains until they begin running slowly. By taking the time to clean them now, you keep grime accumulation in your drains to a minimum, so you don't develop a slow drain. Clean your drains naturally by dumping a cup of baking soda down each drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Let this mixture foam away and loosen grime for about 30 minutes, and then run hot water to rinse it away.

Clean Your Washing Machine

Think of all of the dirty clothes you put in your washer. It's not a clean place! Purchase a washer cleaning solution, and follow the directions on the package to clean your washing machine. This will remove all of the grime that accumulates on the outside of the spinning basket, so your clothing emerges smelling truly fresh this spring.

The best way to ensure your spring cleaning is complete and thorough is to make a checklist. If you live with friends or family members, you can assign each task to someone. Cross them off as they are completed, and you'll feel very accomplished when you reach the bottom of the list.