How To Prevent Your Downspouts And Gutters From Being Clogged

Many homeowners do not think about cleaning out their downspouts and gutters until it is necessary. A common problem is seeing the water overflowing off the edge of your gutters, because the water can start to pool around the home's foundation. The more trees you have around your home, the more frequent you'll have to clean your gutters. If it has turned into a huge hassle you would rather not deal with, there are some tools that can help stop those pesky clogs from occurring.

Downspout Screens

If your main problem is a clogged downspout due to large debris, all you may need to install is a screen. It works by fitting inside a downspout where it connects to the gutter. The screen will let small pieces of debris and dirt pass through, making it very difficult to create a clog.

Installing downspout screens is simple, as long as you are comfortable getting up on your home with a ladder. The screen is in the shape of a bulb, and uses tension to hold themselves in place. The bulb will stick upward, not into the gutter, which prevents debris from collecting directly over the downspout opening.

Downspout screens are not meant to be installed like a strainer in a sink. This will cause a problem, as debris will collect inside the screen. You'll find yourself frequently having to climb up to the very top of your downspouts to empty out the screen, which defeats the whole purpose of using it.

Gutter Guards

Gutters that collect a lot of debris can benefit from using gutter guards (such as those offered by outlets like Conifer Gutter Service). While they come in many forms, they all work the same way, no matter which one you select. Gutter guards are a cover that fit over the wide opening of your gutters. It could be made out of a simple mesh screen, or something sophisticated like a solid plastic cover that has a tiny gap for water to pass through. With the gutter guard in place, large and small debris will no longer be able to collect inside the gutter, but water will still pass through.

Gutter guards have a minimal installation process. Cheaper models are made to be snapped onto the outer edge of a gutter, while premium models are secured to the gutter using metal screws.

While it is not necessary to combine downspout screens and gutter guards, one of these methods could be exactly what you are looking for to prevent those frequent gutter cleanings.