3 Great Uses for Park Models

Often mistaken for trailers, park models are actually a type of recreational vehicle or RV. While they are technically a type of RV, they aren't often used in the same manner as traditional RVs. Most owners of park models transport them to a specific area and keep them in that space. Park models have more in common with trailers than traditional RVs, and that is why they are usually confused with trailers. The difference is that park models are smaller than trailers. While it may be tempting to either purchase a traditional RV or a trailer, there are plenty of great uses for park models. 

Weekend Getaway

Weekend trips are a luxury that many desire at many points during their lives. Spending a weekend on a nearby mountain, lake, or beach is an ideal way to relax for many people across the country. The problem that many run into is that staying in a hotel or purchasing a weekend getaway cabin or home can be expensive. Park models are a great way to get a personal weekend getaway oasis without a big price tag. The average cost of park model RV is between $13,860 and $26,628. The lower cost makes park-model RVs ideal for weekend getaways.

Retirement Home

For many retirees, the upkeep on a large family home is just not worth the trouble. This is why many choose to downsize. For many older Americans, the goal is to purchase a new home that requires less upkeep and that is less expensive than their previous home. Park models are a great choice. They have to be under 400 square feet in order to be considered a recreational vehicle. Their smaller size makes them easier to clean and a great choice for older Americans. 

Guest Cottage or Rental Space

Around 67% of park-model owners locate their park model within a few hours' drive of their primary residence. Some even put them in their backyards! Park models make great guest cottages or even rental properties. They are small enough to fit in many yards and offer many of the same amenities as a primary residence. They are easy to transport and cost less than constructing a new building from the ground up. Before you invest in a park model as a guest cottage or rental space, it's important to check local zoning laws in order to ensure that no laws are broken.

Park models are a great alternative to traditional RVs and trailers. They are less expensive and work well as weekend getaway spots, retirement homes, guest cottages, or even as rental homes. The many uses of park models makes them worth a second look. Look at park models from companies like Resort Homes to get started with your purchase.