How A Gutter Repair Professional Might Repair Your Vinyl Gutters

If your vinyl gutters are getting old, they may have cracks or loose seams that let water leak out. Leaky gutters could cause water damage to your foundation, so you might be considering replacing the gutters soon. However, if the damage isn't severe, you might repair the gutters instead and put off getting new gutters for a few more years. Here's how a gutter repair company might fix your leaky vinyl gutters.

Seal Cracks And Seams

Cracks and seams can often be repaired with flexible caulk. Your gutter repair professional may use caulk made specifically for use on vinyl gutters. First, the gutters have to be cleaned out to get rid of grime around the crack or seam. The repair professional might also scruff up the area so the caulk adheres well.

Once the vinyl is ready, caulk is applied along the crack or seam to cover it and prevent leaking once the caulk has dried. This same repair method can be used to seal small holes in vinyl gutters, but your repair professional might recommend replacing the gutter trough if it has a big hole.

Replace Hangers

If your vinyl gutter trough has a sag in the middle, the problem might be with the hanger. Hangers can work out of the fascia board or rust and get weak. When hangers get loose, they need to be replaced with new ones that are larger so they can be nailed or screwed in the fascia board securely. Once the hangers are in place, the repair professional needs to check the slant of the troughs to make sure water will drain toward the downspout.

Repair Chipped Edges

If a corner edge or part of the downspout has broken off, it might be possible to repair it using a vinyl sealant like you would use glue. Sealant or caulk can be applied to both sides of the broken area, and then the pieces can be pushed back together. It could take several days for the sealant to cure completely so you can tell if the repair is effective.

Repairing large chips with sealant should be considered temporary since the sealant may wear out eventually due to exposure to water, sun, and debris moving through the gutters.

Fortunately, vinyl doesn't rust or rot, so if you keep up with repairing cracks, holes, chips, sags, and leaky seams if they ever develop, you should get a long life from your gutter system. Vinyl gutters can't always be repaired, but if it's possible to do so, you'll save money over having the gutters replaced.