3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Granite Countertops For Your Home

Getting the ideal countertop material for your kitchen might seem like an elusive dream. Of course, nobody expects that you are an expert in choosing the materials and installation methods. However, you only need some knowledge and guidance to select and customize a countertop material to suit your kitchen remodel. Here are the four most important things you should know before buying and installing granite countertops in your home. 

Understand Countertop Design

It is crucial to understand countertop styles, designs, and the installation cost. You will have to pay more for the ornate high-end designs than what you would typically pay for the regular counterparts. The design with stacked edges and highly polished finishes takes more time to create, and the manufacturers price them higher. The design with a broad and distinctive veining is also relatively expensive because the manufacturer needs more raw material to make them.

Understand the Structure of Your Preferred Stone

Not so long ago, anyone who wanted to do kitchen remodeling would have to choose from a limited supply of natural stones in the market. In addition, the types and colors available were highly restrictive. Consequently, most people settled for less than ideal options for their homes. However, the countertops market has expanded a lot, and even within the same type of stone, you can find countless customizations and designs. 

Most kitchen remodeling professionals consider granite the workhorse because it is extremely tough. The kitchen is one of the environments where the materials get subjected to heat, pressure, water, and all other external factors. Therefore, granite will serve you for years. It acquires an attractive patina or color tint with time and also etches. 

Ask About the Maintenance Requirements

It is also advisable to consider the long-term cost and process of maintaining the countertop before investing in one. The granite countertop is easy to maintain. You only need to remember to wipe down the surface after use, especially after pouring water on the surface. Granite is also relatively porous, and you might need to seal it every six to eight months. Sealed granite does not allow moisture inside its structure. The water barrier increases its lifespan and maintains its beauty.

The kitchen remodeling contractor will explain everything you need to know about choosing and installing a granite countertop. They will guide you in selecting the ideal material, customizing it, and putting it in place for the perfect outcome. A place like Granite & Marble Depot has more information.