How You Can Use Colored Bottles In Your Home Decor

If you collect colored bottles, you know how much fun it is when you get a new one or one that is old or rare and priceless. Displaying your collection of colored bottles is a great way to add a unique appeal to your home's decor. Whether you collect wine bottles or old medicine and hair dye bottles, using them in an unusual, crafty manner will have your guests wanting the same kind of decorative bottles in their homes.

Lighting That Makes A Decorative Statement

Tall wine bottles can be made into lights your guests will marvel over. Simply take a clean, dry wine bottle and cut a hole about the size of a quarter about an inch from the bottom. You can purchase glass cutters at most hobby and craft shops. You can also use a drill bit specially designed for cutting glass. Once you have the hole cut, use it to push in colored or white Christmas lights into the bottle. These are wonderful for using at Christmas or anytime of the year you want a low, ambient light. Colored wine bottles with white lights inside them look beautiful in a dark corner of a room.

Whiskey Bottles As Soap Dispensers

Some whiskey bottles have neat labels that make them unusual and attractive. This is especially true for a bathroom used by adults, maybe the one off your bedroom. Using a whiskey bottle, inset a pump from a hand soap bottle. In most cases, the lids of most brands will fit the average one pint whiskey bottle top. A labeled whiskey bottle makes a cool and one-of-a-kind hand soap dispenser for an adult bathroom. You might consider using the colors in the bottle's label in your decorative color scheme for adding an even better look surrounding your bottle creation.

Creating The Effects Of A Stain Glass Window

If you have several different sizes and shapes of colored bottles, lining them up on a windowsill is one of the best ways to use them for creating a cool effect—you could even use them as colored glass vases in the windowsill. When the sun shines through the bottles, it creates the colors in the room in the same way a stained glass window does. If you love stain glass windows, but find them too expensive at the moment to have stalled at your home, using colored bottles can provide the same effects for less. You also get a gorgeous and affordable window treatment as well.

Bottles have always had a decorative appeal that puts them in a class by themselves. If you have been collecting colored bottles over the years, start putting them to good use in your home's decorative design.