3 Quick Tips About Mini Storage

Now that you have decided to store your things inside of a self storage unit, you need to be aware that bad things can happen inside a mini storage unit if you aren't careful. To prevent damage to items that you treasure enough to pay a monthly storage fee for, keep these 10 quick tips in mind.

1. Use the power of the pallet. Simply by placing boxes on a wooden pallet and lifting your valuables off the floor, you significantly decrease the chances of moisture damage. Certain items should never be stored directly on a concrete floor. Moisture damage to electronics quickly destroys these valuable items. Cloth heirlooms such as the quilt that your grandma's mother made will never recover if mold gets a chance to take hold. Be proactive and place pallets underneath everything that you store. 

2. Maintain an updated list of what's in your locker. Mini storage units are handy when families have little available storage in their homes or apartments. They choose to put little-used things into storage and pull them out only when needed. That way, when it's time to pull out that hideous orange and purple over-sized vase for display in your home that your Aunt MJ got you for Christmas ten years ago, you'll know for sure that it is, in fact, safely stored inside of the locker. If you go the extra mile and made a note of which labeled box the vase is actually stored in, you'll have more time to prepare for her visit.

3. Learn how to stack from floor to ceiling. Once you understand the basics of safe stacking, you'll be amazed at how little storage you actually need to shell out cash for.  Start out by putting similar sized, heavy boxes packed with non-fragile items on a single level. If you place a light-weight board over the top of them, you'll effectively create a more stable surface that will allow you to stack your boxes all the way to the ceiling. 

Your self storage unit works best when you are proactive. Take steps to protect your items from water damage by lifting them from the floor, make it easy to access your things by keeping a list of what's in there and where things are located, and use every bit of the storage space that you are paying for. It's as simple as that. 

For more information, visit online sites, like http://www.magnumselfstorage.com, for tips on filling a mini storage unit.