3 Simple Ways To Make Your Furnishings More Contemporary

Updating the look of your home can be exciting. Unfortunately, investing in new contemporary furnishings might not be in your budget.

If you are hoping to make your home's interior more modern, here are three simple tips you can use to make your existing furnishings look more contemporary in the future.

1. Add some geometric patterns to your bookcases.

Bold geometric patterns are synonymous with contemporary style. You can take advantage of the modern vibe these types of patterns bring into a room by using some contemporary wallpaper to transform your bookcases.

Begin by removing the shelves from your bookcases and cleaning away any dirt or debris from the interior side of the back panels. Measure the interior surface area of each back panel, and cut pieces of wallpaper to size. Apply the wallpaper according to the manufacturer's directions, and replace the shelves. Adding a bold geometric print to the interior of your bookcases can give your home a more contemporary feel.

2. Rather than buy a new sofa, reupholster your existing one.

Just as placing wallpaper inside your bookcases can make your living room appear more modern, changing the look of your sofa can give your living space a more contemporary look. If you can't afford to invest in a new sofa, you should consider reupholstering your existing sofa with a contemporary fabric.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $1,200 to have a professional reupholster your sofa, but you will have a custom piece that lends the contemporary vibe you desire.

3. Invest in some contemporary accessories.

One of the most affordable ways to add a modern flair to your living space is to invest in some contemporary accessories. Your local furniture store likely carries many contemporary pieces that can be added to your existing decor as you transition to a more modern design.

Some easy accessories to upgrade are lighting fixtures. Try searching for light fixtures that look sculptural. Fixtures that mimic the geometric shapes found in your bookcase wallpaper and newly upholstered sofa can help tie your new living space into one cohesive design.

Making your living area more modern doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Try transforming your existing furnishings into pieces with a more contemporary look by adding geometric wallpaper to the interior of your bookcases, reupholstering your couch with a modern fabric, or swapping out your light fixtures for sculptural pieces.