Is It Bad For Moss To Grow On Your Roof?

Homeowners who live in cool, wet climates often have to deal with moss growth on their rooftops. Knowing how moss can affect your roof, how you can stop it from growing there and how you can prevent it from returning once it's been removed can help you maintain the structural integrity of your roof.

Is it bad for moss to grow on your roof?

It may look harmless, but moss can do significant structural damage to your roof if it's allowed to live there for a long time. Moss traps in moisture on your roof's shingles, and that can ultimately lead to rot and leaks.

How can you remove moss from your roof?

You can remove moss by brushing it off with a broom. Simply dip a long-handled broom in warm water mixed with oxygen bleach and then use that broom to brush the moss gently off your shingles. The moss will fall away. Using chlorinated bleach is also an option, but this will kill any landscaping beneath the eaves of your home. Unless you take special precautions to prevent the moss from growing back, this should be done on an annual basis to prevent the moss from making problems for your home's roof.

How can you prevent moss from growing back once it's been removed?

You can prevent moss from growing back once it's removed by making the conditions unfavorable for moss growth. Moss grows best in shady, moist areas where there's organic debris to serve as food. To make the conditions unfavorable for moss growth, you can:

  • Remove overhanging trees. Overhanging trees block sunlight and drop debris like leaves and seeds onto the roof. If it's there for long enough, that debris can turn into moss food.
  • Prune nearby trees. There may be trees nearby that still block sunlight even if they don't hang over the shingles. Prune back the offending branches.

Replace a Shingled Roof with a Metal Roof

You can more permanently fix your problem by installing a metal roof. In areas where moss is prevalent on rooftops, metal roofs are an excellent choice for homeowners. Metal of lighter colors can reflect sunlight and make the roof a more inhospitable environment for moss. Metal is also smooth and can be easier to clean if moss ever does grow on its surface. If you're planning to replace your asphalt roof any time soon, contact a metal roof manufacturer, such as Premium Panels Inc,  to find out more about getting a metal roof installed in your area.