Tips For Dealing With Pet Urine On Woven Rugs

Puppies and rugs do not always mix. When you have a puppy that has not been completely housebroken and a rug that you adore, you want to make sure you do everything possible to protect that rug. Unless you go and store it until the puppy becomes trained, you may encounter a few accidents. While pet urine is not good for the rug and the rug fibers, it does not mean all is lost. In fact, if you are careful and handle the urine right away, then you can likely salvage the rug and never know your precious little pup made such a mess. Here are some tips for handling those unsightly accidents.

The Smell of Urine

When your dog pees on the rug, you have two issues. One issue is the actual stain, while the other issue is the odor. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do about the stain on a rug, but the smell can linger forever and ruin the rug completely if you do not get it out. On a woven rug, you have a top layer of wool and a second layer of cotton. The wool has a natural repellent feature so the urine is not going to seep into the fibers as easily. The layer underneath is known to absorb moisture, which is why many people use cotton to get up spills. Once the urine has gotten into the cotton fibers, it will be hard to get out. 

Getting the Urine Out

Woven rugs require special care. You know you have a woven rug if you can see the front design on the back as well. In order to completely get the smell out, you have to wash the rug. Deodorizers and fragrances will only mask the smell and will not actually eliminate it. To wash a woven rug, you need to completely soak the full rug and not just the area of the stain. When soaking it, you want to place the rug in white vinegar so that it can get into the fibers of the rug. Additionally, it is crucial that you also wash the rug pad underneath. Many people will forget that the urine can soak through the rug and into the rug pad which is often very absorbent. 

Bleeding Problems

While washing the rug can help remove the smell and stain out of the rug, you also have to worry about the colors bleeding. When having your rug washed, it is always advisable to get a dye stabilizer that will help keep the rug from bleeding. While it is not always a guarantee that the rug still won't bleed, your chances are better that the colors will remain steadfast, the smell will be gone, and the stain will be released. 

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