Doing Away With The Disposal: Why You Might Want To Consider Dumping A Drain-Clogging Appliance

If you have had to deal with your garbage disposal jamming up and your sink drain clogging repeatedly, you know it's time to do something about that disposal. But replacing it with a new one might not be the best move. Sometimes getting rid of the disposal entirely is better. While disposals can be very convenient, sometimes they can cause more trouble than they're worth. There are some distinct advantages to removing a disposal completely.

Reduce Jams And Clogs

The most immediate advantage is that the jams and clogs will stop, for the most part. It's still possible for your sink drain to clog up, of course, but you'll no longer have to deal with jams caused by some dried rice grains. Once the disposal is out, you'll have to be sure not to drop things down the sink, but keeping some mesh drain nets on hand takes care of this. The best part is that when you empty the drain net and have to wash off the little bits of leftover debris, you won't have to worry about those jamming up disposal impellers, either.

Reduce Odd Smells

Disposal impellers can send bits of food flying all around the inside of the disposal. These bits can stick to the sides of the disposal, out of reach of the water from the faucet, and the bits can begin to smell -- and smell badly. Without a disposal, this accumulation and smell is cut back drastically. You'll still have to do occasional work on the drain, using a little baking soda and vinegar, followed by hot water, to keep the drain smelling normal. But the amount of work you'll have to do will be reduced greatly.

Cut Your Electricity Usage

No disposal? No electricity usage in your sink. Disposals don't use that much electricity, but it can add up over time. Removing the disposal can give you a nice little break on your bills.

Increase Your Safety

If you have young children around, a garbage disposal may simply be a source of anxiety. There's always the potential of an accident if a child tries to retrieve something that's been dropped down the drain. No matter how careful you are with the disposal, something like that is always possible as long as you have impellers sitting inside the drain. No impellers means that problem is no longer around.

It is possible to retrofit your sink so that the drain is plain, rather than routed through a garbage disposal. Plumbers can help you change the drain and pipes over very quickly. If you're interested in plumbing repair services, see this site for more information.