4 Reasons Shutters Are So Great On Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement is picking up steam in the United States. Spurred on by the rising cost of the "American Dream," the recent recession, and the desire to reduce one's carbon footprint, tiny houses are this generation's response to living a life of excess in a McMansion. In sharp contrast to those oversize monstrosities, tiny houses are uniquely cozy homes, usually under 500 square feet. They house all the necessities, including a bathroom and a kitchen, just in a much more compact footprint than many Americans are used to.

At about one tenth the price, tiny houses cost much less than the average American home to build. This reduced budget allows tiny house owners to make each component of their home stand out, from the front door to the composting toilet. The shutters are no exception. They add both visual appeal and functionality to each tiny home. With so little real estate to work with, it is essential that shutters both work well and look good. 

1. Style: Shutters add visual style to a tiny home's exterior. In fact, they can often be the most prominent feature of the home—other than size—and can set the style tone for the entire place. From simple country shutters to elaborate Victorian cutouts, the style of shutters on a tiny house is as varied as the people who own the houses themselves. 

2. Color: When you only have 500 square feet—or less—to decorate, you definitely need a pop of color. Unless you are going for an onslaught of color like a Victorian "Painted Lady," the shutters are the most logical place to add a little bit of color to the exterior. Whether you go with subtle shades of brown and black or push the boundaries with vivid blues and purples, this is one area that you can personalize your tiny home to your specific tastes. 

3. Protection: Many tiny homes are mobile. Constructed on eight foot wide trailers, they can be moved from place to place as the weather or desire dictates. While the trailers are structurally sound and road legal, being able to close the shutters while cruising down the interstate can provide some protection from rocks and debris kicked up by other drivers.

4. Curb Appeal: Shutters create a warm and cozy feeling on many tiny homes and they help generate the curb appeal that is often lacking in their larger counterparts.