Organic Castor Massage Oil Benefits

Massage therapy is one of the leading services people use to help with body aches, muscle aches, and joint pain. Massage therapy can also help reduce stress and anxiety as well. You may notice your massage therapist offering different oils during your recent visits. One of those oils was likely organic castor massage oil. If you are unfamiliar with this type of oil, here are some things to consider. 

Nerve Inflammation

One of the types of health issues you may have is nerve inflammation. Inflammation around the nerves can cause tingling or burning pain. You may also start to feel a numb sensation. This can happen when you have overworked your hands. For example, if you are a typist or administrator who deals with typing on a daily basis, inflammation in your hands can occur. This inflammation can begin to form around your nerves and cause nerve inflammation and damage. Castor massage oil can penetrate the skin and help reduce the inflammation around your nerves. This is intensified when you use organic castor oil with CBD. 

Feminine Energy

Feminine energy can relate to various forms of feminine lifestyle and hygiene. For example, if you have low feminine energy, you may notice issues with having a lower sexual drive. You may also have fertility issues and issues with womb health. Another feminine issue that can fall under feminine energy deals with painful menstruation cycles. Having your massage therapist use organic castor massage oil can help boost health and wellness in these areas. It can also help reduce cramping during menstruation and help release tension that is causing blockages in the reproductive system. 

Ricinoleic Acid

A key element of castor oil is ricinoleic acid. This is something that many other massage oils do not have. In fact, a general oil-based massage will help to reduce swelling through the motions created by the massage therapist. When you use organic castor oil, you have the added benefit of anti-inflammatory properties. The ricinoleic acid can help penetrate the skin and reach into deep muscle areas leaving behind the acid that performs an anti-inflammatory effect. Combined with CBD-enhanced organic castor oil, you can see a larger improvement than with massage oil alone. 

Next time you visit your massage therapist, ask them if they have organic castor massage oil. Have them use that oil during the massage and take note of any changes your body may experience. You may find your pain and swelling are reduced or that your stress and anxiety are greatly reduced. You may also find that both reductions happen during and following the session. Keep these tips in mind when looking for organic castor massage oil with CBD from suppliers near you.