Hot Tub Accessories to Make Use and Ownership More Enjoyable

A hot tub is a great tool for releasing all of the stresses of the day. With the right accessories, your hot tub could be even more enjoyable, easy to care for, and comfortable to use during all seasons. Here, you'll find a few things that will add to the pleasure of your family hot tub.

In-line Chlorine Sanitizing System

One thing that can quickly become an issue is remembering to test the water and add chlorine when needed. As a result, the water can become imbalanced, turn green, get foamy and even make you sick.

The in-line chlorine sanitizing system adds small amounts of chlorine when needed. Yes, you will have to add chlorine to the unit, but it won't be as often as you would with the little round disks in the devices that float around you in the hot tub. With this system in place, the water will maintain a steady level and experience fewer bacteria spikes — and you'll use less chlorine each year.

Heated Towel Rack

Even on the warm days of summer, wrapping up in a dry, warm towel after getting out of 102-degree water feels great — it feels even better when temps dip below 40.

Position the towel rack so that you can have a towel in hand as you step out of the hot tub. When you get back in, place the towel on the rack and allow the heated bars to dry the towel for your next exit.

Cover Lift

The hot tub cover is essential, both to keep the water warm and to prevent accidental drownings. These covers can be too heavy or awkward for some people to maneuver. Fortunately, there are cover lift systems that will make removing the cover easy.

Manual lifts are just that — a unit that is attached to the cover and requires you to raise a lever to lift the cover. Springs and other mechanical elements make it easy enough for just about anyone to lift the cover without straining.

Power lifts are built much like manual lifts, but they include a motor. You push a button and the cover is removed.

Canopy covers are a more current solution to this problem. Rather than moving the cover to the side, the system rises directly above the hot tub and creates a canopy covering the tub with shade.

These are just a few ideas that could help make your hot tub use more enjoyable for years to come.

To explore your options, visit a local hot tub supplier such as The Pool Store.