The Best Drapes For Keeping Your Room Cool

When it comes to your drapery, there are many styles to choose from. You can go trendy with color blocking and bright patterns, or more classic with deep chocolate hues or a dusty rose. Picking the shade of drapes you want is the easy part--the hard part lies in choosing the right kind of material to keep the blazing sun out of your room. Here is a list of the best drapes to choose from if keeping the sun out is your goal. [Read More]

Tips For Professional Cleaning To Remove Dog Stains And Odors From Your Carpet

It's a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis when you have dogs in your house. You want your carpet cleaner to do the best job possible so your carpets are clean and smell fresh. There are things you can do to ensure the cleaning contractor is able to do an effective job. Prepare your home and carpet in advance by following these tips. Move Your Dogs To A Safe Place On Cleaning Day [Read More]

How To Prevent Your Downspouts And Gutters From Being Clogged

Many homeowners do not think about cleaning out their downspouts and gutters until it is necessary. A common problem is seeing the water overflowing off the edge of your gutters, because the water can start to pool around the home's foundation. The more trees you have around your home, the more frequent you'll have to clean your gutters. If it has turned into a huge hassle you would rather not deal with, there are some tools that can help stop those pesky clogs from occurring. [Read More]

Need Extra Outdoor Seating? Create Your Own Backyard Bench!

There is no doubt that if you have a great backyard, you want to share it with as many people as possible. However, there are times when you might not have as much seating as you would like or need. What's more is that you may not think you have room for yet another piece of outdoor furniture. But this guide explains how to make an outdoor bench that you can take apart and store away when not in use. [Read More]