Three Crucial Aspects Of A Green Termite Control Company

When the dreaded signs of termite infestation make themselves known, your first instinct may be to call in a professional and ask them to get rid of the termites however they can. But if you're environmentally conscious, you may realize that some of the popular treatments used today include harmful substances that may damage the environment. If you're concerned about the effects your termite treatment may have on the surrounding ecosystems or if you aren't comfortable with the residue such a treatment would leave in your home, you might want to do a few minutes' worth of research to locate the most environmentally responsible exterminators in your area before calling. Here are three criteria to help you identify these eco-friendly exterminators.

1. No chemicals/toxins

Any pest control business that has a healthy respect for the Earth will be less likely to use chemical treatments on a daily basis. They may reserve the option of using a chemical treatment once in a while under extenuating circumstances, but they should focus on alternative treatments. For termites, alternative solutions abound. In addition to the chemical treatments on the market today, exterminators also have the option of performing heat treatments or cold treatments (using liquid nitrogen), both of which can dependably kill all termites within the range of the treatment.

2. Green energy sourcing

In addition to the more eco-friendly solutions that an eco-friendly pest control business may utilize, there's also the matter of green energy. All businesses that profess to be eco-friendly should make some effort to source green energy. In the pest-control business, this probably relates less to office space and lighting (which some businesses would focus on) and more to transportation. When the exterminator comes to your home for a treatment, is he or she driving an eco-friendly vehicle fueled by biodiesel? Is the business considering the transition to hybrid or electric vehicles? These and other Earth-saving efforts can signal a real commitment to environmentally friendly pest control business practices.

3. Focus on natural prevention

Pest control companies often have a limited influence on preventing initial infestations because you don't call them until you have a problem. However, they should seek to educate their customers and the public by offering information on preventive techniques. They should also place a heavy emphasis on how you can prevent a repeat infestation, and particularly on how you can accomplish this without using harmful chemicals.

Pest infestations are a situation where homeowners tend to panic and call in the big guns in order to metaphorically blast everything in sight. But, especially if you catch the infestation early, this is often unnecessary. Heat or cold treatments may work just as well (depending on your situation) as chemical treatments. Be sure to consult with your environmentally responsible pest control personnel as to the ideal treatment for your infestation.

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