For A Gift That Lasts This Season, Choose Natural Stone Products

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special this season, you can't go wrong with natural stone. While it may seem a bit indulgent to upgrade the surfaces around the home with stone slabs, there are many other ways to give the gift of natural slab to fit any budget. Consider some unique applications and thoughtful gift ideas that highlight the beauty and longevity of granite. A clever cutting board. [Read More]

How to Design a Garden That Delights the Senses

The secret to a welcoming backyard retreat is to layer multiple sensory stimulants in a way that is relaxing yet invigorating. This means tapping into your senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. The following are a few ways to awaken each of these senses through your landscape design. Sight A combination of natural beauty and creative hardscaping will delight the eyes. Brightly colored flowers against natural stone, attractive wood decking contrasted against bright green grass, or sparkling water in a fountain with a curtain of green vines behind all provide contrast that helps to soothe yet interest the visual senses. [Read More]

Must-Know Tips For Buying Elegant Art For A Remodeled Room

Are you planning on redecorating a room? Perhaps there is a renovation project underway to make the entire space look and feel different. If your desires are to design the room in a manner that exudes elegance, you are likely thinking of adding some art to ensure full visual appeal. Before you start the art selection process, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Cohesiveness Think about other design elements you have planned prior to selecting your art pieces. [Read More]

3 Great Uses for Park Models

Often mistaken for trailers, park models are actually a type of recreational vehicle or RV. While they are technically a type of RV, they aren't often used in the same manner as traditional RVs. Most owners of park models transport them to a specific area and keep them in that space. Park models have more in common with trailers than traditional RVs, and that is why they are usually confused with trailers. [Read More]