Create An Outdoor Movie Theater To Watch Movies With Your Friends And Family

Take a family movie night to the next level by inviting all of your friends and family to come over to watch a movie and make it an experience no one will soon forget by creating an outdoor movie theater. Creating an amazing experience is not overly difficult if you have a home theater projection, sound system, and a sheet. The following guide walks you through the quick and easy process of creating an outdoor movie theater. [Read More]

Is It Bad For Moss To Grow On Your Roof?

Homeowners who live in cool, wet climates often have to deal with moss growth on their rooftops. Knowing how moss can affect your roof, how you can stop it from growing there and how you can prevent it from returning once it's been removed can help you maintain the structural integrity of your roof. Is it bad for moss to grow on your roof? It may look harmless, but moss can do significant structural damage to your roof if it's allowed to live there for a long time. [Read More]

3 Simple Ways To Make Your Furnishings More Contemporary

Updating the look of your home can be exciting. Unfortunately, investing in new contemporary furnishings might not be in your budget. If you are hoping to make your home's interior more modern, here are three simple tips you can use to make your existing furnishings look more contemporary in the future. 1. Add some geometric patterns to your bookcases. Bold geometric patterns are synonymous with contemporary style. You can take advantage of the modern vibe these types of patterns bring into a room by using some contemporary wallpaper to transform your bookcases. [Read More]

Maintenance Tips For Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is expensive. As a result, you want to make sure that it stays as functional and attractive for as long as possible in order to get the most for your money and ensure that you do not have to have it redone too often. Here are some maintenance tips to make sure that your artificial turf continues to look great. 1. Wash It Regularly First, you are going to need to make sure that you keep the turf as clean as possible. [Read More]