Avoiding Theft When Moving Into A New Home

If you have just purchased a new home, you will most likely be very busy in the moving process from your old one. During this chaotic time, theft is a realistic event. People who rob will be more inclined to try this behavior if they feel the victim is not a threat. During a move, most people are so involved in the process they tend to forget to protect their wares. Here are some steps you can take when moving to help keep your belongings from being stolen.

Keep Packaging Inside

When moving to a new home, some people place their emptied cardboard boxes out at the curb or on the side of the home so they are not in the way. While this will help you see your belongings a bit better inside, it can mean a thief is put on alert there is someone now in the home. This tip-off can be avoided altogether by stacking unused boxes in a room inside the house instead of where they can be seen.

Add Safety Measures

One of the first steps you should take after purchasing your home is changing the locks. You do not know who had keys to your doors, making it risky to wait to change them until after you have moved items in. Have the locksmith service change locks on each window as well. Purchase door locks that cannot be kicked open. Longer pins are used to help keep the door intact. Consider placing an alarm system sign near your front door to scare away any potential robbers before they try to gain entry.Make an appointment with an alarm service to get set up with a system as soon as you can.

Use Some Deterrents

Keep lights on inside your new home at times you are not there so people think someone is inside. If you are moving over the course of several days or weeks, change the lights you have on inside each evening so there is no predictable pattern seen from those watching from the outside. As you leave the home to get another haul to move inside, give the house a wave. This will trick those watching to think someone is inside awaiting your return, even if you are working alone in moving.

Keep Things Covered

If you have a luxury vehicle, boat, or another desirable item you need to keep outdoors, place it under a cover so those passing by do not know what is underneath. Having expensive items out in view can make thieves more attracted to your home, putting your items at more risk as a result. Make sure one of the first things you place in your new home is window curtains. This will help protect your goods from being targeted. Place your television, stereo, or other high-ticket items in an area of the room where they cannot be seen from the curb.